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Pest Control in the Tri Cities Area

There are many types of insects that live on, around, or in trees and do very little damage. However, there are many other types of pests, such as scale and tree beetles, that are very destructive and can damage all parts of a tree. When these tree insects are detected, they should be handled by professionals as soon as possible.
Yavapai Exterminating will manage worrisome tree insects to improve and protect tree health. As a certified arborist company and a licensed pest control provider, we have the experience and tools that can help detect infestations before they become lethal to your trees.

Signs of Pests

Many tree insects are easily identifiable with the naked eye. Others are only easily visible by the damage they cause. Some common signs that indicate your trees are insect-damaged include:
  • Excessive loss or wilting of leaves
  • Bark disease
  • Damaged branches
  • Changes in leaf color outside of normal season
  • Thinning and dieback

Pest Control Methods

There are a number of different insect extermination approaches. The services that we recommend may vary and will be influenced by the factors unique to your tree conditions. Some methods include:
  • Injections as necessary for the control of pests or diseases in trees
  • Chemical sprays
  • Horticultural oils
  • Preventative treatments for the specific species of insect causing damage

The Importance of Proper Tree Care

Another way to avoid tree damage due to pests is to stop them from attacking in the first place. Being proactive with the care of your tree is an important part of preventing infestations as healthy trees tend to be less prone to pest invasions than those trees that are improperly cared for. This is why we encourage taking advantage of quality tree care services that can help assure your trees and plants will be insect and disease free and properly fertilized.
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