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Tree & Plant Health Care in the Tri Cities Area

Yavapai Exterminating will help nurse your trees back to life. The trees on your property can be the most prominent part of your landscape. Whether they are on a residential or commercial lot, the condition of the trees will directly affect:
  • The aesthetic appeal of your landscape
  • The resale value of your property
  • Your heating or cooling expenses due to the amount of shade provided for the building structures on your property
This is why you should entrust the care of your trees to a professional who has extensive experience in arboriculture. At Yavapai Exterminating, our certified arborists specialize in tree revitalization and management. We will make your all of your trees flourish so you don't have to worry about whether your tree will survive another season.

Tree Injections

We are able to perform injections for treatment of insects, diseases and nutrition to ensure that each of your trees are treated for what they need so they have the best chance to be treated for the conditions they have.


Tree Spraying

As a licensed pest control provider, we can spray your trees with insecticide or fungicide to treat or prevent insect pests and tree diseases. You can schedule targeted sprays that can help control a particular insect or tree disease for particular trees on your property at specific time during the season. We also provide periodic spraying services that can occur at regular intervals throughout the year.

Young Tree Training

Trees are most vulnerable when they are young and establishing their root system in the ground. We can help you train your young trees so that they can mature into trees that have proper branch and trunk development.
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